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I had 2 servers installed with no issues... I installed a 3rd and I started having memory issues because of too many php7.4-fpm child processes.

After investigating, I found that the process manager config in the 2 previous servers was set to dynamic, but the one in the new server is set to static.

Changing it to dynamic in the 3rd server solved the issue.

Why was the default configuration changed? May this be a bug or something like that?
by Expert
Please, don't open more new questions about the same topic, you can answer and comment here on the original post.

As I said in my previous answer, if you need some custom PHP configuration you can use the Webinoly Configuration File, please just read the docs. In your case, setting the process manager to "dynamic" may not be the best solution if you have high traffic spikes it can crash your server.
by Rookie

Everything is clear...

Thanks for making webinoly possible and for taking the time to respond!

Best regards

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Please, read the documentation about the "Webinoly Configuration File". If you want to report an issue related to how Webinoly sets the PHP configuration, you need to provide technical details.
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