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by Rookie
I need to redirect sub.domain.com to domain.com/url and tried using -redirection. I am not having any luck with it.

I have cleared Webinoly's cache and checked other browsers (per comments on other threads here) and I'm getting 403 errors.

When I select the redirect path should it be /root/www/sub.domain.com/ or something else? I've tried a few different paths ie /www/sub.domain.com/htdocs/ and even /../htdocs/index.html.


1 Answer

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by Rookie
It seems that what you need to do is Domain Forwarding, such as "sudo site example.com -forward=example.org". Check domain forwarding at https://webinoly.com/en/documentation/sites/

If you need to use the Redirection Manager, then check the examples for that section also at https://webinoly.com/en/documentation/sites/ You never use filesystem paths, you need to use URLs (absolute or relative).
by Rookie
Derp. Thank you! I was trying to use the redirection commands. Forwarding worked perfectly.

I appreciate you guys!
by Rookie
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