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Welcome, Webinoly is a very special project to me. Thank you for making it part of your world.

As a free software project, Webinoly is very open to your contributions.
You don’t need developer skills to help, there are several non-coding ways to get involved in a project.

Webinoly is developed and maintained by just one person – Cristhian Martínez Ochoa – so, any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

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Documentation writer/tutorial creator

Do you feel our documentation misses some points?

You can write a tutorial in your blog or make a video to help users and spread the word!
If you can create or update a Wikipedia article or page in your language about Webinoly, it would be awesome!

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If you’re participating or organizing any type of event, meetup or conference, we can gladly promote it on our social networks.

Any professional help and assistance is appreciated…

Maybe you or your company have a department that can help us in any of these areas:

  • Graphic design. What you currently see was made by me without any knowledge of graphic design.
  • Marketing. Market intelligence is crucial to success.
  • Copywriters. Your article or tutorial can be published in our blog.
  • Community Manager. Help us grow our community in a professional way.
  • Video creators. Promotional or tutorials.
  • English proofreading.

* Webinoly is a nonprofit project, so any professional help and assistance would be appreciated!
** Your name and link will be always added to give credit to all your work.

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