Hire ME!

Tell me what can I do for you or your company:

  • I can help you to fix any urgent issue related to your server.
    • Are you getting an Nginx error?
    • Your site is slow when high-traffic?
  • I can help you with your project.
    • Are you thinking in a multi-server configuration?
    • Do you have some custom requirements in mind?
    • Do you need a second opinion?
  • Courses and Conferences.
    • A complete day with your team (onsite) getting their hands dirty with Ubuntu and Nginx deeply. (8-16 hours, depending on the number of assistants)
    • Technical Conferences.
    • Technical Workshops.

I’m always happy to make some exceptions for schools and universities.
Depending on the kind of event, we can have a FREE ($0) participation.

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As you can see, the Webinoly documentation is a very complete list of outlined topics covering all the elements that an advanced LEMP web server must have.

  • Do you want to see the real benefit of FastCGI Cache and how small tweaks can have big performance benefits? (for any site, not just WP)
  • Do you really need Redis and what’s the real impact?
  • What’s the deal with Reverse Proxy configuration? Should I use it in front of my site?
  • Redirections. Plugins vs Server!
  • How to add your own custom Nginx rules without breaking your site.
  • What kind of SSL cert should I use depending on each kind of site? (Wildcard, manual validation, etc)
  • WordPress with an external database, is it a good idea?
  • How to correctly set a WordPress multisite with domain mapping.
  • I have an issue and I need to learn how to trace it and debug it. All about the server logs!
  • Protect your site, folder, or file HTTP Authentication.
  • Nginx advanced configuration: HTTP Headers, Ciphers, Vhosts, etc.
  • Nginx from the basics: How to correctly install it? (Ubuntu package, PPA’s, or custom compiled package).
  • You tell me, what any other topic you have in mind?

Every Course, Conference, or Workshop is adapted to your needs.

Contact information and more details about me on my personal page: qrokes.com